Therese Board Members:

Pat Dineen (Pres)

Mary Hammett

Joan Moorhem (Secy)

Dianne Owens

Gary Vogt (Treas)

Lucy Vogt

Jerry Wuller (VP)



Lent comes early this year, beginning on Valentine’s Day. Will you opt for ashes or roses? How about both? I remember the Valentine’s Day that I received a greeting card from a friend. The note inside was a heartfelt wish for brighter days for both of us, because I had recently lost my husband to cancer and she had recently lost hers to divorce. It was a lovely surprise, a scent of roses on a day that I would probably have welcomed ashes. It was a shared and acknowledged sorrow, an endearing and enduring sisterhood, a launch into a brighter future. Out of the ashes, rebirth.

Celebrate love!

Celebrate life!

Celebrate Lent!


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