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“This Newborn Star no one had ever found

in heavens all around

appeared without a sound;

This Newborn Star no one could ever find

‘til fullness of God’s time,

when Jesus was come down;

This Newborn Star we find…

and we are found.”


Our beloved Rodger wrote these inspired lyrics in 2011. This past Christmas his master opus was finally heard outside of his beloved community of Therese of Divine Peace, when it was performed at a special Christmas concert in a large Lutheran Church somewhere on the East Coast, thanks to his former colleague and dear friend Louise. She requested a few words about the piece, and I wrote: I find it to be Rodger at his tenderest; his most vulnerable self is poured out in this work. It IS his Epiphany. And we all share that Epiphany with him whenever we listen to it with our hearts. …His star shines brightly in the lives of all who love him, all who have been loved by him.

That is, of course, beginning this letter at year’s end, we still being in the Season of Christmas 2017-18 as we celebrate our Epiphany. Going back to last January, Clara Violet McGrath was born on January 17, second daughter of my grandson Seamus and his lovely wife Andrea, and great-grandchild number 14 for me. January continues to be a busy month of family birthdays, Clara claiming spot number seven in that regard!

In February, Therese founding member Joe moved permanently into the Little Sisters of the Poor Nursing Home. He is, of course, being very well looked after, and he is very happy to be there, but he leaves a hole in our community. We are all happy when he makes an occasional appearance, celebrates with us, and shares his constant prayer: That we may hate no person...

On the day after Joe’s move to the Little Sisters, St. Valentine’s Day, Catie was admitted into the hospital. She had been feeling ill more often than not for a few months already, but repeated visits to the doctor had yielded no diagnoses. She eventually ended up in the ER, diagnosed with pneumonia, and admitted for treatment and a battery of tests. Catie had lung cancer, and it had metastasized into brain, lymph nodes, and bones. She fought the good fight to live, and we of the Therese and Great Waters communities invoked Father Augustus Tolton for a miracle of healing.

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